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The ever-growing world of Crypto currency is ripe with opportunity. At ColocationPLUS we offer bitcoin mining packages for colocation that provide easy access, speed and simple pricing for our clients. We know the needs of bitcoin miners are different from a standard hosting solution. As such, our packages are designed to meet the needs of the curious explorer and the seasoned enthusiast.

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Please Visit the Profitableminer for more information about our mining services. At the Profitableminer, we have specialized hosting solutions for production and custom mining hardware.

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$135 Per Kw Monthly

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Our Data Centers

Our data centers are engineered with the needs of our customers in mind.

Whether you are concerned with security and scalability, or just need to find a cost effective solution for hosting your IT infrastructure, we have the right data center for you.

Rantoul Site 1

Our ex-military facility, dubbed “The Fortress”, is our most secure data center. Located in Rantoul, Illinois, The Fortress is outfitted with robust security measures, connections to separate A-B power grids, backup generators, redundant Tier-1 ISP’s and is connected to our private fiber network.


+ Layered security zones
+ Two-factor authentication
+ 24/7 security monitoring
+ Environmental controls
+ Backup power generators
+ Tandem cooling units
+ Multiple Tier-1 ISP’s
+ SSAE-16 Audited
+ HIPAA compliant

Rantoul Site 2

Our second Rantoul data center was designed with scalability as our primary concern. This large facility provides our clients with the space and flexibility to grow when and how they need to. This site is a walk-in friendly facility but still features a high degree of physical and logical security measures as well as private cages.


+ Walk-in friendly
+ 24/7 security monitoring
+ Private cages
+ Expert support
+ Highly scalable
+ Cost effective

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