ColocationPLUS™ is the latest initiative of Prominic.NET, a managed hosting provider with nearly two decades of experience. ColocationPLUS™ provides a myriad of offerings for businesses, including colocation solutions, management services, and GPU server hosting.

Our mission is to help businesses focus on their actual products and services, by eliminating the work and worry of in-house server maintenance. We aim to do this through reliable and comprehensive care and monitoring of all our clients’ equipment, so that they can focus on what’s important.

We offer a variety of colocation solutions including mac colocation and GPU server hosting. Each of our services can be scaled for different company profiles with regards to space, power, connectivity and additional management services. 

Our SSAE-16 audited data centers were designed with scalability in mind. We have affordable solutions for organizations of all sizes. Whether you need world-class connectivity, high strength security or just room to grow, ColocationPLUS™ has the right solution for you.

ColocationPLUS™ also specializes in offering hosting for GPU based servers. Additionally, these high power consumption servers are capable of providing drastic performance increases over a traditional server but require a hosting provider with the knowledge and infrastructure to support them.


Founded in 1998, Prominic.NET has nearly two decades worth of experience providing hosting services and support to businesses all over the world. We specialize in creating and maintaining custom-built hosting solutions to fit the varied demands of our highly diverse customer base.

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