Pricing for colocation is simple and easy to understand: power, cooling, physical space, and connectivity options: Direct Internet Access, VPN/MPLS, Wave of Light, and Dark Fiber.

If you would like to Talk to an expert we would be happy to discuss your specific needs. You can also e-mail us at Sales@ColocationPlus.com with or call +1-217-356-2888 to speak with us.

It helps tremendously for us to have a good understanding of your equipment requirements. We have created a handy inventory tracking and pricing tool which you can see below. Simply add a row for each switch, firewall, server, storage shelf, or other device and save the list to a PDF and CSV file which will be e-mailed to you with preliminary pricing estimates.

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Additional Services


Control who has access to your IT infrastructure.

Remote Hands

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24/7 Monitoring

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Redundant Power Drop

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