Proxmox VE Virtualization Services by ColocationPlus: Secure, Scalable Solutions

Discover ColocationPlus’s Proxmox VE virtualization services: secure, scalable, and customizable solutions for enterprise-level virtualization. Benefit from our expertise as an official Proxmox hosting partner and elevate your IT infrastructure today.

Integrated Security Services:

Firewall, storage replication, server backup, and two-factor authentication ensure maximum security.


Distributed firewall service for optimal protection and isolation between VMs.

Bridged Network and Security Features:

Support for complex virtual networks, role-based administration, and multiple authentication sources.

Software-Defined Storage:

Flexible storage solutions supporting all technologies at block, object, and file levels, with Ceph storage for triple replication and high transfer rates.

Why Choose Proxmox VE with Us

Key Features of Proxmox VE

As an official Proxmox hosting partner, ColocationPlus brings years of virtualization and data center expertise to deliver top-tier virtualization solutions. Benefit from dedicated hardware on a scalable cloud-hosting platform designed for high flexibility.

Combining KVM hypervisor, Linux Containers (LXC), and software-defined storage on a single platform, Proxmox VE at ColocationPlus offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise virtualization, simplifying operations with its central user interface, web-based CLI, and seamless live migration capabilities.

Proxmox VE eliminates single points of failure through its multi-master design, offering high scalability and availability. With the integrated HA Manager, all virtual machines and containers are monitored continuously, ensuring immediate action in case of node failures.


Our Proxmox VE Services

Server Colocation & Consulting

Tailored solutions from individual servers to entire clusters, backed by expert consultation.

Infrastructure Setup & Maintenance:

Best practices in setup and full-managed maintenance packages.

Expert Hardware Configurations:

Expertise in hardware configurations for clusters and software-defined storage.

Proxmox Backup Server (PBS):

Efficient and reliable backup solutions with encryption and data integrity guarantees.

Proxmox + ColocationPLUS?
Here ‘s why:

Choosing ColocationPlus for your Proxmox VE cluster brings server consolidation, high availability, simple scaling, reduced infrastructure costs, and enhanced security.  

Direct Support and Expertise

As an official Proxmox hosting partner, ColocationPlus has direct access to Proxmox’s core developers and in-depth expertise in configuring and managing Proxmox VE environments. This ensures that any technical challenges are swiftly and efficiently addressed, providing businesses with peace of mind.


Enhanced Performance and Scalability

Proxmox VE provides a powerful platform for server virtualization, combining the flexibility of KVM hypervisor and Linux Containers (LXC) on a single platform. When hosted in ColocationPlus’s data centers, businesses gain access to dedicated, high-performance hardware and network infrastructure, ensuring their virtualized environments scale efficiently and perform optimally under various workloads.

High Availability and Reliability

ColocationPlus’s data centers are designed for high availability, featuring redundant power supplies, cooling systems, and network connections. Proxmox VE’s high-availability cluster feature works seamlessly within this environment, ensuring virtualized applications remain accessible, with minimal downtime.


Simplified Management and Automation

Proxmox VE’s central management interface allows for easy management of virtual machines and containers, live migration, and automated backups. When combined with ColocationPlus’s managed services, businesses can enjoy a hands-off approach to their infrastructure management, focusing more on their core operations.

Robust Security and Compliance

With Proxmox VE’s integrated firewall, storage replication, and two-factor authentication, businesses can configure highly secure virtual environments. ColocationPlus complements this with stringent security protocols, physical security measures, and compliance with industry standards, offering a fortified foundation for handling sensitive data and critical applications.



Cost-Effective Infrastructure Management

By choosing ColocationPlus for Proxmox VE hosting, businesses can significantly reduce their capital and operational expenses. ColocationPlus’s scalable solutions eliminate the need for upfront hardware investments and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. The Proxmox VE platform further contributes to cost savings by offering an open-source solution that avoids proprietary software licensing fees.