Disaster Recovery

No one can predict when a natural disaster may strike. While having a well-rounded security solution for your primary IT infrastructure can protect you from many potential data breaches, a geographically separate disaster recovery solution is the only thing that can offer you total protection from a worst case scenario.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether you have specific technology requirements or need something built from scratch, we have you covered


Cloud based disaster recovery with Veeam can help you extend your disaster recovery solution to the cloud


Let our expert staff craft a customized disaster recovery solution that fits your organization’s needs


Vmware’s site recovery manager provides the power to quickly and reliable protect and recover your environment


Why us?

Our Disaster Recovery solutions assure business continuity. Our solutions are fully managed, predictable, guaranteed and proven. We will help you find a disaster recovery solution that is scaled for your business’s exact needs. Our hosting services are comprehensive, flexible and cost effective.

Our data centers provide you with the redundant infrastructure you need during a disaster; including power, cooling, and high-speed connectivity. We guarantee a solution which ensures access to your critical business data and systems during outages and other failures. ColocationPLUS aims to deliver business continuity to every customer.


We are here to help!

Continuous data protection

Immediate failover during outages

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Disasters can take place anytime – every business needs to have a reliable plan

These common issues may land your business in an emergency situation

Hardware Failure

Even a well managed IT environment has to deal with occasional unexpected hardware failure, maintain a secondary environment and comprehensive data backups are the only real protection against a faulty power supply or a dying hard drive.

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can occur suddenly and cause catastrophic damage. Having a disaster recovery solution hosted in a geographically separate data center is the only real insurance policy against unforeseen severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Software Vulnerabilities

Many businesses depend on a diverse suite of software tools in order to function. Often times a vulnerability or incompatibility can be introduced via patches or updates. Having a secondary environment to fail over to can keep your business operating in the event of an extended outage on your primary equipment.

Criminal Activity

Virtual intruders, physical break-ins and social engineering are all examples of how criminals infiltrate businesses. While strong on-site security practices are a must, having a separate backup is the only way to achieve total protection.


Malicious software sometimes penetrates even highly secure networks and can wreck havoc once present. Being able to dynamically failover to a logically separated secondary environment will keep your business operational.

Human Error

Human mistakes are one of the lead causes of data breaches. They are difficult to predict and can happen in a wide variety of ways. Having a comprehensive backup plan is the only way to ensure that you will be able to get back up and running when a severe mistake, oversight or misunderstanding takes place.


Our data centers are engineered from the ground up with reliability and scalability in mind. ColocationPLUS’s facilities feature backup generators, building wide UPS systems, multiple Tier-1 ISP connections, tandem cooling units and plenty of room for your organization to grow.


How to Choose a provider?


Outside the disaster zone

A preferable location would be far from the natural disaster zone to help mitigate risks.


Site Accessibility

An easily accessible location with good transportation services and nearby a big city.


Connectivity and Power Supply

A facility which provides low latency, 99.9% uptime, and redundant power drop.


Robust Telecom

A data center with carrier neutrality and robust infrastructure to ensure data backup.



A dependable network and system administration staff along with two-factor authentication and security cameras meeting federal regulation to ensure reliability.



A facility providing custom tailored service plans at a cost-effective price to save the company’s budget reserves.


Do you have a disaster recovery solution? For many organizations, the answer to that question is no. Disaster recovery is one of the most important and yet most overlooked precautions that an organization can take in order to protect their business and their clients. ColocationPLUS provides companies with a cost effective and reliable solution for disaster recovery planning.

We help our clients protect their future from the uncertain. Whether you are mirroring your primary environment or just need a safe off-site repository for all of your organization’s critical data, we have the right solution for you.


Establishing geographic separation from your primary IT infrastructure is an important aspect of any disaster recovery plan. Located in Central Illinois, we are in an ideal geographical position to offer off-site colocation and disaster recovery solutions to organizations in Chicago, Indianapolis and Saint Louis.

No more than a 3 hour drive from any of these cities, customers are able to quickly visit in order to maintain their equipment, expand their infrastructure or meet with our technicians.