Mac Colocation

ColocationPLUS offers hosting solutions for Mac Mini/Pro devices. On top of experiencing all the advantages of an industry-leading data center, clients are also able to save money while hosting their Mac environment.

Why colocate my Mac?

Organizations developing applications for Mac OS often find themselves needing access to machines running various versions of the operating system in order to properly test their applications and associated patches. One of the best solutions for this is using Mac Mini’s as a large-scale testbed. However, effectively housing, powering, cooling and connecting to your Mac’s can present its own set of problems. Let ColocationPLUS™ host you Mac Mini’s as a testbed or for any other configuration you may need.


Our hosting plans include a dedicated IP address, remote hands, and high-bandwidth connectivity. We give organizations the opportunity to easily perform large scale application testing on Mac OS.

  • Ease of management
  • Access to a enterprise-grade data center
  • Scalability
  • High-strength security
  • Robust connectivity
  • Redundant infrastructure