Our data centers are engineered with the needs of our customers in mind. 

Whether you are concerned with security and scalability, or just need to find a cost effective solution for hosting your IT infrastructure, we have the right data center for you.


Our data centers are well positioned to provide colocation and disaster recovery hosting to organizations located in Chicago, Saint Louis and Indianapolis as well as the rest of the country.

  • • Easily accessible from Chicago, Saint Louis and Indianapolis
  • • Low occurrence of natural disasters
  • • Provides geographic separation for disaster recovery
  • • Power partially sourced from local solar farm


Our data centers are engineered for abundant and reliable power delivery. Our power infrastructure is designed to be able to provide safe, reliable energy to even large scale hosting solutions.

  • • In-rack and building wide UPS systems
  • • Natural gas and diesel emergency generators
  • • Redundant A-B power grids
  • • High amperage 480 volt 3 phase power delivery


Each of our data centers are designed with heat tolerances in mind and are equipped to provide efficient cooling where its needed most.

  • • Tandem HVAC units
  • • 24/7 temperature and airflow monitoring
  • • Humidity controls
  • • Cold aisle containment systems


Being able to maintain constant high speed connectivity to your machines is one of the most important factors when considering colocation. Our robust network provides 99.99% uptime.

  • • Multiple Tier-1 ISPs
  • • Blended high speed bandwidth
  • • Private fiber connection between data centers
  • • Radio link emergency backup
  • • 99.99% uptime guarantee


We take security seriously. Each data center is outfitted with multiple layers of physical and logical security to keep our customers IT environment safe.

  • • 24/7 Video surveillance system
  • • Active alarm system monitoring
  • • Two factor authentication for physical access
  • • Advanced firewalls and authentication tools
  • • Vulnerability scanning and detection

Rantoul Site 1

Our ex-military facility, dubbed “The Fortress”, is our most secure data center. Located in Rantoul, Illinois, The Fortress is outfitted with robust security measures, connections to separate A-B power grids, backup generators, redundant Tier-1 ISP’s and is connected to our private fiber network.


Rantoul Site 2

Our second Rantoul data center was designed with scalability as our primary concern. This large facility provides our clients with the space and flexibility to grow when and how they need to. This site is a walk-in friendly facility but still features a high degree of physical and logical security measures as well as private cages.

Champaign Site 1

Our 3rd facility, located in Champaign, is conveniently situated near Illinois’s flagship school- the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Research Park and the downtown area. This data center boasts impressive connectivity with service from 5 different Tier-1 ISP’s. This impressive enterprise grade network is further enhanced by connections to our Rantoul facilities via our private fiber network and backed up by a radio tower link as well.



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