High Value

The services offered by ColocationPLUS™ have been designed, developed and implemented with the intention of providing customers and integration partners with excellent value, security, and flexibility.

Best choice in colocation

24/7 support

With our round the clock remote hands service, we are in a position to resolve any maintenance tasks on the spot. We know that emergencies don’t follow a schedule, and that’s why we have support technicians on-call 24/7.

Top Notch Facilities

Our colocation facilities are first rate, built with utility in mind. At ColocationPLUS™ all of our Data Centers need to meet HIPPA compliance standards along with SSAE-18 audits and a vast array of regulations. Multiple Tier-1 ISP’s provide connectivity to each one of our data centers, enabling us to provide our customers with robust and reliable bandwidth.


Redundant all-around

Each colocation facility is also connected to our private fiber network for shared connectivity and is backed up by a radio tower link for emergency connectivity. Similarly, tandem cooling units are used in every server room. This allows us to provide ample and highly consistent cooling to all of our client’s machines. Temperature monitoring takes place around the clock. In the event of an HVAC unit outage, the configuration of other units helps to increase their output and maintain stable temperatures.

Multiple Data Centers

Our ex-military facility, nicknamed “The Fortress”, is our most secure data center. Located in Rantoul, Illinois, The Fortress is outfitted with robust security measures, connections to separate A-B power grids, backup generators, redundant Tier-1 ISP’s and is connected to our private fiber network. The engineering strategy of each data center consists of A-B power grids, backup generators, and building-wide UPS systems. As a result, you never have worry about a power outage again when you host with ColocationPLUS™.


Flexible and Scalable

With ColocationPLUS™, you’ll never have to worry about scalability. Expanding on short notice? Require additional management services? Need to downscale? We will work with you to make sure that your organization’s exact needs are being met without spending more on unnecessary extras.


Cost Efficient

Over time, the costs associated with colocating become significantly lower when compared to hosting with the leading cloud providers. Despite requiring an up-front investment in equipment, colocating quickly leads to an overall cost savings over the life of a service agreement. Colocation is the most cost-effective means of hosting your servers in a professional full-service data center.

Enterprise Data Centers in an Easily Accessible Location

Tailored Solutions, Proven Expertise

With more than 18 years in the server hosting industry, we have the experience to provide solutions to diverse businesses. We’re a dedicated colocation team focused on bringing your company the best possible solutions. Our goal is to help make our clients successful. We do this by assessing everyone’s needs individually and working to accommodate those needs.

We are able to address the many niches of the corporate IT world with clients in HPC, HIPPA compliant, GPU computing, miner hosting, mac colocation, financial services and much more. We can accommodate many different types of colocation offerings. Contact us and we will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs exactly.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent service. All of our colocation clients, large or small, can count on receiving top-notch care from our tech-savvy support staff. Our top priority is to ensure that your needs are always taken care of from the setup process to routine maintenance requests.

Moreover, as a small business, one of our defining characteristics is the flexibility to fit each of our client’s requirements. No matter what your needs are, we can craft a custom colocation solution to provide you with the required infrastructure and services to ensure your company’s success. With ColocationPLUS™, our colocation clients are inheriting the skill set, expertise, and experience of our parent company Prominic.NET.

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