Our Redundant Architecture

ColocationPLUS™ operates three US-based Data centers located in Central Illinois. All of our data centers are equipped with backup generators, building-wide UPS systems and tandem cooling units. Our facilities are connected to multiple Tier-1 ISPs and are backed up by a private fiber network and radio tower link between the data centers. Moreover, each data center functions independently of the others and can serve as a redundant site for the other two. We undergo an annual SSAE-16 SOC 1 and SOC 2 audit, reports are available made available to customers. ColocationPLUS™ prides itself on providing our customers with access to fully-redundant, high-value server hosting in our data centers.

In today's technology driven world having redundancy in your IT infrastructure is necessary to ensure business continuity. Natural disasters, power outages and virtual intruders serve as constant threats to your business-critical systems and data. This threat is amplified by the ever increasing regulatory burden presented by legislation such as HIPAA and GDPR. Data loss, downtime and breaches can lead to lost revenue, government fines and lawsuits. ColocationPLUS is here to help build a Disaster Recovery solution that will protect you, your business and your customer's data from the unforeseen.

“Never worry about a power outage again when you host with ColocationPLUS™”


The engineering strategy for each our data center consists of in-rack and building wide uninterruptible power systems (UPS), A-B power grids, backup generators, and automatic transfer switches. We are proud to provide a cost-efficient and well engineered system of redundant power to keep our customers up and running around the clock.
Our data center power infrastructure specifications:
 Diesel and Natural Gas Generators; UPS Battery Backup Systems; Automatic Transfer  Switches; Monitored Power Distribution Units
Generator battery monitoring and regular run testing
A/B Redundant Power grids 
24/7 Monitoring for power delivery and generator activity
✓ Energy sourced from multiple providers including a solar farm

Detection and Monitoring System

Monitoring and regulation of environmental factors inside the data center facility is one of the most important factors for maintaining continuous uptime and ensuring hardware is performing as intended. 
To minimize downtime, our colocation data centers are integrated with following monitoring systems:
✓ Temperature sensors to measure heat generated by equipment and ensure proper cooling
✓ Humidity and moisture sensors to prevent corrosion and static build-up
✓ Airflow sensors to ensure proper airflow pressure through racks and cooling system
✓ Voltage and Power sensors to detect voltage spikes and maintain clean power delivery
High sensitivity smoke alarms for fire detection
✓ Video surveillance to provide 24/7 real-time video of the colocation facility

Cooling Capacity

As virtualization, crypto currency mining and GPU based servers become more common data centers are presented with the challenge of effectively cooling these high power density machines. Equipment overheating is a major issue that can lead to poor performance, system downtime and shortened component lifespan. Having your servers hosted in a facility designed to support high power density applications is critical.
Each of our facilities are equipped with tandem cooling units in every server room. Our power footprint is carefully orchestrated in order to eliminate heat pockets and inefficiencies in cool air delivery and hot air return. Each facility’s HVAC system has 24/7 monitoring for ambient temperature, supply and return air temperature, airflow pressure and humidity. Our HVAC systems are designed to provide ample and highly consistent cooling to all of our client’s machines.
Our cooling infrastructure includes:
Enterprise grade CRAC Units
✓ Hot/Cold Aisle Containment
✓ Humidity Controls
✓ 24/7 Temperature Monitoring

Data Center Connectivity

Having a robust network that provides blended high speed bandwidth is a critical component for any organization’s IT solution. However, the time and expense of creating and maintaining a complex, redundant network is often prohibitive for on-premise hosting solutions. However, hosting with ColocationPLUS provides businesses with access to our fast, flexible and fully redundant network.
Each of our data centers are connected to multiple Tier-1 ISPs and are capable of providing quick, reliable access to your machines no matter where your or your customers may be located. Our network is backed up by a private fiber connection between our two primary facilities as well as a radio link backup in the case of an extreme emergency.
Our redundant network:
✓ Multiple Tier-1 ISPs Connected at Each Facility 
✓ Fully Managed Firewall and Authentication Tools
✓ Private Fiber Line Backup
✓ Emergency Radio Link Backup 

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