We offer fully scalable colocation solutions which are customizable to fit the needs of any organization. All of our data centers feature robust connectivity, 24/7 expert support, and a full suite of security measures. Most organizations find that offsite colocation with a trusted provider saves time, money and frustration when compared to on-premise hosting. Host your IT infrastructure with ColocationPLUS™ and experience all the benefits of a full service data center.

+ Reduced IT Costs

+ 99% Uptime

+ 24/7 Expert Support

+ Advanced Security

+ Scalability

+ Disaster Recovery

Cost Effective

colocation cost effective

Cost savings is one of the largest benefits of colocation. Many organizations find that they are able to dramatically reduce their IT spending by switching to a colocation solution. Colocation gives your organization access to an ideal data center environment without having to invest in and maintain backup generators, HVAC equipment, and UPS systems of your own.

Despite current market trends, colocation can often times be a superior service option when compared to the cloud. Colocation customers enjoy greater flexibility and better performance while also spending less money than they would on a cloud instance.


Security is an important concern for anyone considering trusting another organization with their critical data. At ColocationPLUS™ we employ the latest physical and logical safeguards in order to protect our client's data.

Everything from two-factor authentication, surveillance cameras, and alarms to firewalls, environmental monitoring, and encryption are strategically deployed to ensure that our data centers and our customer's infrastructure are well protected.

colocation secure


colocation reliable

Hosting your IT infrastructure with ColocationPLUS™ means having access to highly reliable power, cooling, and connectivity. Our data centers are equipped with backup generators, building wide UPS, tandem cooling units, redundant ISP connections, private fiber and a radio tower link. Never worry about losing critical data or experiencing interruptions to your business operations due to an outage again.


Located in Central Illinois, we are in an ideal geographical position to offer off-site colocation solutions to organizations in Chicago, Indianapolis and Saint Louis. No more than a 3 hour drive from any of these cities, customers are able to quickly visit in order to maintain their equipment, expand their infrastructure or meet with our technicians.

Not in one of these cities? Don't have time to visit? No problem! Ship us your servers and other equipment and our experienced technicians will have it installed and running within 24 hours of receiving it. Our motto is 'colocation made easy!'

colocation midwest

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